5 June 2015

Wind words

aigrish, blae, flan, twitchy, ultaichean, whiffle
a few of the words from around Britain and Ireland, gathered by Robert Macfarlane, describing different kinds of wind, breeze and associated phenomena. There is great subtlety and distinction in some of these words. I particularly like
defined as 'a slight breeze, just enough to stir the hair' (gaelic) [1]

Note [1] An Irish-English dictionary of 1904 (pdf) defines ciabhar as 'hair or locks collectively' but does not mention a use in connection with breeze.  In what may be a coincidence, ciabhach can mean either 'foggy, misty, hazy, dark' or 'hairy, bushy, having long hair.'

Image: Fay Godwin

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