2 November 2017

About 'A New Map of Wonders'

A New Map of Wonders is about wonder and things that make the world astonishing. 
It is published by Granta in the UK and by Chicago University Press in the US.

Advance praise for the book is here
A list of public talks and events is here
Links to reviews will be posted here as they appear. 
Tweets relating to the book are posted @casparhenderson tagged #ANMOW 
The author's Facebook page is here 
A playlist of music featured in the book is here
A Chinese edition of A New Map of Wonders will be published by CITIC Press Corporation, a French edition by Les Belles Lettres, a German edition by Matthis & Seitz and a Polish edition by Marginesy. 
Caspar Henderson is also the author of The Book of Barely Imagined Beings
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