14 January 2015

Light, half-light

blunter     dazzle, but with a particular sense of cold dazzle; winter stars or ice splinters catching low midwinter sun   Scotland

fireflacht     lightning without thunder; a flash of light which is seen in the sky, near the horizon, on autumn nights   Shetland

grimlins     night hours around midsummer when dusk blends into dawn and it is hard to say if day is ending or beginning   Orkney

plathadh-grèine     sudden temporary glimpse of the sun between passing clouds   Gaelic

hjalta dance, simmer ree, simmermal ton, titbow dance     different names for the peculiar dancing appearance of light on the horizon, along the top of the hills, which is seen in sunny summer weather   Shetland
— words connected with dusk, dawn, night and light from Landmarks (2015) by Robert Macfarlane

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