9 December 2014

Wonder on our doorsteps

...I realised at that moment that I had been suffering from a drought of sensation that I had come to accept as a condition of middle age, like the loss of the upper reaches of hearing. 
...We can recharge the world with wonder, reverse much of the terrible harm we have done to it. 
...In [rewilded] places we can leave our linearity and confinement behind, surrender to the unplanned and emergent world of nature, be surprised once more by joy... We can rediscover those buried emotions that otherwise remain unexercised. Why should we not have such places on our doorsteps, to escape into when we feel the need?
— from Back to Nature by George Monbiot.   What is necessary today, writes Anna Badkhen:
is a type of ecological restoration in which humans are everyday participants, immediately invested in nature because they understand themselves to be a part of it. We all should be planting back the bush—in our homes, communities, cities, parks.
Image: Llyfnant by Nigel Brown, geograph.org.uk via wikipedia

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