15 October 2014

The Science of Awe

Scientifically speaking, the storm brought me into a state of awe, an emotion that, psychologists are coming to understand, can have profoundly positive effects on people. It happens when people encounter a vast and unexpected stimulus, something that makes them feel small and forces them to revise their mental models of what’s possible in the world. In its wake, people act more generously and ethically, think more critically when encountering persuasive stimuli, like arguments or advertisements, and often feel a deeper connection to others and the world in general. Awe prompts people to redirect concern away from the self and toward everything else. And about three-quarters of the time, it’s elicited by nature.
from The Science of Awe by Jake Abrahamson (h/t: FJ)

Image:  Running the Teacups at Dry Meadow Creek, Sierra Nevada, California. Wallpapercavern via lovethesepics.com

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