1 December 2015

Shadows of the sky

Thinking about neutrinos, I also came across this:
This light tells us much, but I think in the course of time still more delicate and subtle mediums will be found to exist, and through these we shall see into the shadows of the sky. 
Photo NSF / B. Gudbjartsson via APOD

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  1. James Frazer in 1900 in Golden Bough

    .."brighter stars will rise on some voyager of the future..some great Ulysses of the realms of thought- than shine on us. The dreams of magic may one day be the waking realities." I hope so. He couldn't fore seen Arundhati Roy -" Another world is not only possible. she's is on the way. ... On a quiet day I can hear her breathing." It will be a revolution of the sacred feminine or we are all doomed.
    Mary Lou Bethune