10 December 2015

This is water

...what if space — perhaps at something like the Planck scale — is just a plain old network, with no explicit quantum amplitudes or anything? It doesn’t sound so impressive or mysterious — but it certainly takes a lot less information to specify such a network: you just have to say which nodes are connected to which other ones. 
But how could this be what space is made of? First of all, how could the apparent continuity of space on larger scales emerge? Actually, that’s not very difficult: it can just be a consequence of having lots of nodes and connections. It’s a bit like what happens in a fluid, like water. On a small scale, there are a bunch of discrete molecules bouncing around. But the large-scale effect of all these molecules is to produce what seems to us like a continuous fluid.
What is space-time really? Stephen Wolfram

Harlequin ghost pipefish from underseaimages

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