25 September 2015

Miracle enough

My wife and I spend summers on a small island in Maine, far from any town. At night, the skies are quite dark. Sometimes, when there is no wind blowing and the tidal flow is small and the ocean is very still, I can see the reflection of the stars in the water near our dock. At such moments, the water looks like a dark carpet with a million tiny sparkles of light, which gently bob and ripple with each passing wave. Even though I know all the science, I am totally mesmerized and awed. For me, that is miracle enough.
Splitting the Moon Alan Lightman

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  1. From James Frazer , The Golden Bough

    Brighter stars will rise on some voyager of the future- some great Ulysses of the realms of thought- than shine on us. The dreams of magic may one day be the waking realities of science.