21 May 2015

Riddle and microcosm

...The challenge of desert narrative thus nourishes a yearning to discover other chords, allowing our inner selves to be uttered, and raising up a spiritual chant capable of communicating the venture of a human who is both a riddle and a microcosm. In this process, dream replaces the traditional novelistic capital of relationship.  
Through the inspiring breath of mythology, the human becomes an axis, gathering existence around himself. Not content simply to encompass society, he contains existential experience in all its worldly dimensions. Borrowing talismans from the Unknown, he vanquishes the Ghoul. He is like Oedipus, whose own talismans defeated the riddles of the Sphinx, crouched over Thebes...
from Desert Narrative: Challenges and Possibilities by Ibrahim al-Koni at Vagabond Homelands

Image from New Desert Myths by David Parker

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