10 May 2015

'In this place the world is revealed to you'

She found a most precious necklace under her garment; and as she gazed closely at it, it seemed to spread such a blaze of light that it filled all Britain with its gracious splendour. [1] 
In this same time our Lord shewed to me a ghostly sight of his homely loveing. He shewed a littil thing the quantitye of an hesil nutt in the palme of my hand, and it was as round as a balle. I lokid there upon with eye of my understondyng and thowte, What may this be? And it was generally answered thus: It is all that is made. [2] 
What does it feel like to be dormant for a thousand years? Perhaps it feels like being dormant for a million years. Or for the twinkling of an eye...[3]

[1] Breguswith's dream, Bede (7th Century)
[2] Julian of Norwich (1342–1416)
[3] Things That Are by Amy Leach (2012)

Photo: at Bradwell Shell Bank by author

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