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Part celebration and part meditation, an elegant study of things that should awe and amaze us...A wonderful book
Kirkus Reviews, 15 September 2017
A universe-spanning tour of the marvels of existence from mitochondria to the human heart to black holes, [it] joyously reminds us of the primacy and value of awe in a world sorely lacking it
Lit Hub, 2 November 2017
A voice that, though playful and humorous, is always tenderly sincere…A beautiful, enlightening book that is sure to inspire even the most jaded of readers
E&T Magazine, 7 November 2017
A magnificent Baroque edifice...surprising, moving and memorable...[The book] absolutely succeeds [and] will linger with you long after you put it down
Wall Street Journal, 17 November 2017
[The author] writes well and concretely and sometimes better than well
The Times, 18 November 2017
Strung through [with] virtuosic meditations
Nature, 22 November 2017
A charming compendium of the astonishments that may be experienced in a human life...delightfully crammed with fascinating facts [and] lovely and funny lines
Spectator, 25 November 2017
Reveals the sublime from [a] garden shed, and had me weeping with relief that wonder is so close at hand
Katharine Norbury, Books of The Year, The Observer, 26 November 2017
A writer who evokes the fascination of the natural world as eye-openingly as anyone I've read
Tom Holland, Books of The Year, The Observer, 26 November 2017
A true marriage of the poetic and the analytical
New Scientist, 29 November 2017
A heartwarming ode to the wonders of life...the ideal tonic for long winter nights
BBC Focus Magazine, 1 December 2017
An exploration of art, science, and the way we perceive the world around us. The book itself is a kind of cabinet of wonders, packed with surprises and delightful digressions
Tim Harford, 4 December 2017
a virtuoso compiler...Writing [that] acquires its richness through cross-references and associations
Daisy Hildyard, Literary Review, December 2017
John Kelly, The best books of 2017, Irish Times, 9 December 2017
A New Map of Wonders does everything I want a book to do. It investigates the ordinary mysteries of our lives – light, consciousness, our beating hearts – and simultaneously unpicks and deepens the sense of wonder they provoke
John Mitchinson, Best books of 2017, Guardian, 15 December 2017
A life affirming gift, setting off a hopeful flare above a sea of terror, ignorance and gloom
The Big Issue, Best books of 2017, 18-26 December 2017
Lucid, elegant and wide-ranging...A love letter to, and product of, the extraordinary, irreducible abundance of the human mind
The Guardian, 23 December 2017
Fails badly...There are a number of typographical errors, showing careless editing...Even worse, it is written in such as simplistic fashion that any well educated person will be very unlikely to learn anything of substance
Robert C. Ross,, 26 December 2017 
A wide-ranging, almost impossibly learned investigation into wonder...Readers will be hard-pressed not to come away with their minds expanded...More importantly, Henderson is a fun, clever guide.
Shelf Awareness, 12 January 2017
Modern polymath Caspar Henderson unashamedly celebrates science and art, seeing a wonderful complexity that does not deny the numinous.
Philip Hoare, The Clearing, 5 February 2017

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