The Wonder Dialogues

In The Wonder Dialogues Caspar Henderson talks with extraordinary people about amazing things. The Dialogues take place one evening a month, typically a Monday, in the library upstairs at the Oxford Hub, 16-17 Turl St, Oxford OX1 3DH.  The events are free but please make a small donation toward running costs when you attend or via this link.
Coming Up  
29 October 2018  Rewilding the novel with Gregory Norminton  
19 November 2018 Public ownership with Cat Hobbs

Past dialogues 
          17 September 2018 Love and death with Paul Broks (audio recording here)
16 July 2018 Honeybees with Helen Jukes (audio recording here)
18 June 2018 Books, Children and Imagination with Mini Grey (audio record of first half here)
21 May 2018 The Future with Anders Sandberg (audio recording here
30 April 2018  Renewable Energy with Chris Goodall (audio recording here. Apologies for low sound level!)
26 March 2018  Progressive Politics with Max Harris  (audio recording here)
20 February 2018 Vibration in Nature with Sonia Contera (details here)
22 January 2018 Animals with Charles Foster (audio recording here)

The most fruitful and natural exercise for our minds is, in my opinion, conversation   Michel de Montaigne

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