16 November 2015

Still in movement, stopped and going

Today, driving north next to green fields and blackthorn blossom for mile after mile, I thought that, if I could, I would like to travel through the whole season [of spring] like this. Caught up in time but at ease with it, in step and moving through the morning of the world, as it makes free room for half of every year in the northern hemisphere. To be out and about with the spring as it does its world-work. Wouldn't you do that if you could? Haven't we always wanted to lean towards the sun? And, better still, to feel spring coming, its arrival, and its passage onwards not by standing in one place as we mostly do in our settled ways, but for one year to travel with it, sometimes ahead of its green gears, sometimes behind, but to be most often with the season as it breaks over everything so that all might live beneath it...
Tim Dee in Archipelago 10

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